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TCS Computers Flash Data Recovery

Looking at photos or important documents on your flash storage media that cannot be found? Storage media, which are based on Flash memories contain no mechanical parts, and are therefore very efficient in terms of the speed of data transmission, the size and the cost price. Unfortunately, Flash drives hit after a number of read and write cycles sometimes damaged and your precious data can be unreadable or inaccessible. That can only be restored by data recovery experts in the field of flash drive recovery.

USB flash drives are the portable media that can be easily connected to your computer system with USB ports (universal serial bus). The size and storage capacity of a USB stick is fairly small compared to the external hard drive. The user can easily store their digital media things like movies, audio files, photos and all other general file formats. Along with some important functions, the USB flash device even has a big disadvantage, because it can also be influenced by unexpected human errors. So to overcome the situation, first check the most common and frequent scenarios:

  • Access USB flash media on your system, if you delete data that uses the Shift + Delete key combination, the selected data will be deleted from the USB drive in seconds.
  • Unfortunately, if your third-party antivirus program is not reliable, there are opportunities to delete some USB data unexpectedly.

Causes Of Flash Storage Data Loss

The most common cause of failure Flash drives is rough use due to their removability and ease. Other common causes are:

  • Accidentally or intentionally deleting files or photos
  • Unsystematic removing the flash media from the device
  • Breaking the Flash media by rough handling
  • Corruption or damage of the controller chip
  • Corruption of data on the flash media by a virus infection
  • Failure of the electronic circuitry of the Flash media
  • Damage caused by liquids
  • Heavy power cuts, which will damage the Flash media
  • Other physical damage to the Flash media by fire, water, etc.

TCS Computers Data recovery expert can help you in all the above cases to recover your valuable data.

Tips To Follow

  • Keep an updated backup for deleting a file from USB flash media
  • Use reliable and certified antivirus software
  • If you want to go through the overwrite process, stop using the device immediately after deleting data

TCS Computers Flash Data Recovery

TCS Computers data recovery is ready to help you all get your valuable data back from all the market Flash media such as memory cards, memory sticks, USB flash drives, SSDs, digital cameras, USB drives, PC cards, multimedia cards, etc. With years of experience in data recovery TCS Computers provides innovative techniques for Flash recovery, which can efficiently restore your inaccessible data from any seemingly irreparable Flash media.

We have trained and experienced engineers who specialize in data recovery, its own R & D department, advanced tools and techniques for data recovery on any storage media including flash, and the controlled environment of ISO certified CLASS 100 Clean Room Laboratories. This allows us to recover your important data up to 100%, regardless of the make/model/type of flash storage media.

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