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Avoiding Virtual Assistant-Hiring Pitfalls

Our business alone has witnessed a growth from 500 VAs in 2003 to 18,000+ currently and growing at an interest rate around 200 per-weeks. So lets talk about the problems and tips on how to avoid them and protect you.

But, But, But, I Have To Be An Employee!

If you have only heard one thing about virtual assistants and some great benefits of choosing them it is that theyre allowed to be independent companies. I recently read an article that said that ultimately companies would be necessary to provide online colleagues on as employees as opposed to independent contractors. I simply had to laugh! How on the planet can a person who self-directs how they are doing the work is viewed a worker? Thats why you hired or are looking at hiring a personal assistant in the initial place. You did not want the worker I want and I deserve mentality. You can also contact to the services of expertiseva.

I disagree 100% with the viewpoint of the blog post that stated digital assistants should be workers. There is no requirement for them to become workers. Below are some of the things that I and you, as consumers, have to do to make certain that virtual assistants were set by us up so as workers were never necessary to set them up.

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