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Mobile Homes in Spain

Mobile Homes in Spain

Mobile homes or as some call it “static homes” have become more popular in Spain and have advanced throughout the past few years. They now feature spacious and extravagant interiors with full amenities on hand. For some who own the land their mobile homes stand on, they create a piece of their own paradise; many others find residential locations obtainable all over Spain. It’s different when one can just pack up and take their home with them when they feel the need for a change of place.

Residential park mobile homes in Spain are outstanding and provide complete facilities including entertainment, bars, and swimming pools. One such residential park mobile homes in Spain is the one in Alfarnatejo with selections of British and Spanish mobile homes, and where one can possibly purchase a freehold or leasehold package.

This Alfarnatejo residential park and mobile homes in Spain come fully-equipped with two or three bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and full bathroom. The park is set on a totally self enclosed residential community, featuring two swimming pools, tennis courts, leisure center, restaurant and bar, small market, and twenty-four hours security for a complete serenity and all else that’s expected from a foremost residential park mobile home in Spain.

Purchasing residential park mobile homes in Spain would usually come with full title deeds and becoming a part of the park’s shareholder. The scheme generally includes water, electricity, and waste amenities, as well as a variety of plot sizes and range of mobile homes that would best suit ones needs and budget. There is normally a community charge to cover maintenance, security, and amenities of the park, and apart from ones water and electric consumption, those would only be the ongoing expenses.

Various parks of mobile homes in Spain have different site fees that vary according to location and amenities, rates can start from as small as £1,500 per year. This however should not be mistaken for Spanish campsites which are mostly open for only part of the year and be likely overcrowded and boisterous during summer months.

Mobile homes in Spain are in a way an affordable and fantastic way to get a home with secure and safe atmospheres, comfortable and convenient, plus having full amenities. A lot of residential parks mobile homes in Spain can be arranged with full package including the mobile home of choice, organizing the site inspection trip, transfer to the site, and everything else that goes with the purchase.